Q&A with Anonymous Light Pole Author "Steve of Loveland"

As a team of volunteers passionate about community engagement here in Loveland, we are always on the look out  for fun things that make community members smile.

As such, we immediately fell in love with Loveland's  anonymous light pole author, Steve of Loveland, who posts hilarious and random musings in downtown Loveland near the corner of 4th & Lincoln. We are certainly not alone in our admiration. The response from the community has been equally entertaining with people leaving messages and even treats for Steve, showing how much they enjoy these anonymous posts.

We had the amazing opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Steve, as long as we maintained his anonymity. Not only did we ask Steve some of our most pressing questions about his fun hobby, we also asked our followers to suggest questions for Steve. Here is that interview.

When did you start “posting”? What motivated you to start doing this?

I think it was in April of 2015. I recalled I was really peeved because I had $10 in overdue library book fees. I was having a bad day, and decided to see if anyone was else was having a bad day. Instead of whining about it, I thought I would reach out to others who walked the same street I do everyday, and I made my first post on a post. I mean….. maybe we all step around the same piece of gum on the sidewalk? Maybe we all had an equally crummy day? Maybe we all need to meet up a drink a YooHoo!? Walking gets you thirsty, and Dr. Phil always said it’s just good to be rehydrated. 

What motivates you to keep going? What inspires you and your posts? 

It started out with me being peeved about overdue library books. But then when I wrote my first post, I felt better. Then when I started posting more, I started to see people relate to my troubles, observations or questions. I started to appreciate that my posts on a post made people laugh or smile or vote with a #2 pencil on a piece of paper taped to a light pole. Like a whole community coming together and unitedly asking “Hey! How come free couch season is always when the weather turns rainy?” 

I think the lesson here is no one wants a soggy couch even if its free! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say if you were to stick your hand between the soggy couch cushions, you’re probably going to find a drowned earthworm or two instead of loose change, and the last time I checked the pinball machines at the Flipside only take quarters.    

How long have you lived in Loveland? 

I was born and raised in Loveland.

Will you ever reveal your identity? Is Steve your real name? 

Hi. My name is Steve. It’s sort of like Slim Shady, but with different letters. 


Community Member Questions

Allison's question: What is your favorite TV show? 

I had 2 favorite TV shows and idols growing up.

#1- The Star Gazer with Jack Horkheimer
That show taught me to look up at the stars and to walk along the rings of Saturn with swagger in my corduroy pants. I still watch old episodes on Youtube because I miss that show so much. I went as Jack Horkheimer for Halloween once, but really I just wanted an excuse to wear my old Member’s Only jacket.  

#2- Hey, Vern! It’s Ernest!
Nothing is better that Ernest P. Worrell. Sometimes I call my buddy Larry “Vern” just for fun. The show and movies are classic. Ernest was a good friend and community member. Plus, lets not forget he invented a contraption that made pancakes for him in the morning. A true breakfast visionary that Taco Bell will later ruin with the egg taco. Pancakes are the breakfast tortilla. Why don’t people recognize this?    

Eric's Question: Who on Council would you date if you had to? Extra points if you describe the first date location, activities and topics of conversation 

I’m gonna have to say Dave Clark because he hails from the Clark Bar Empire. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I think I read somewhere that Dave Clark has a hot tub filled with nougat. 

For more from Steve of Loveland, visit the light pole near 4th & Lincoln on the west side just north of the intersection! Or, visit his Facebook Page at; https://www.facebook.com/steveofloveland/ 




03 Nov 2017

By Laura Alier