People of Loveland - Meet Shane

“People of Loveland”

Meet Shane.

“I grew up in the north county of San Diego, and moved to Fort Collins in 1993. I was 18 years old. I’ve lived on the front range for 25 years now, and about 3 and half years ago, I rediscovered Loveland.

I was ready to buy a house, and noticed 
some exciting things going on in Loveland.

First day I was in Loveland, I discovered Origins Wine Bar & Wood Fired Pizza , and I was like “holy sh!t! This is the best pizza in Northern Colorado!”

I also discovered Tata's Burritos in Loveland, and it was the closest thing I could get to real Southern California Mexican food... which played a big part on where I bought my house on a really embarrassing level. (Laughing)

The food here showed me a new energy in Loveland.

I used to work in concrete, and I would stop by The Coffee Tree o have a cold brew after work everyday.
On my way to the Coffee Tree, I always drove by this place... Lo Co Artisan Coffee House. 

One day, I stopped in and I was ready to be disappointed, but then I saw the beautiful manual espresso machine! I ordered a cappuccino since I can tell everything I need to know about a place from a cappuccino.

Lo Co had some honor in tradition, and Brian, the owner at the time, had a perfectly executed the cappuccino.

I began to become a regular at Lo Co, and this became “my spot” after work.

I began to be friends with Brian.

Then, I saw this place “slipping”.

In 2017, I needed to not work where I was working anymore with no idea what would be next. I spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation asking “what was next?”

Two weeks later, Brian told me he was going to close Lo Co in one and a half weeks and I got sad. 
Brian and I continued talking... the number was so low to take over Lo Co Artisan Coffee that I knew an opportunity like that would never present itself like that again.

Then I began asking the universe “but how?”

I met the landlords on Valentines Day, and they gave me a hug at the end of the meeting!

When Brian and I met up again, there was a reporter there writing the story. I just remembered being there as Brian put the key in my hand and said “you’re doing this!”

My mission statement is “Community and connection through excellent coffee. “

My personal philosophy is “One love.”

Now I like to showcase Loveland’s artists, all musically, poetically and visually.

People want to create! People want to create things to look at, creation of ideas, revolutions, connect and share ideas.

People want to come together and change the world. That’s why coffee houses were once outlawed in other countries. Revolutions started in coffee houses because that is where people connected. Like a revolution by the cup!”

People of Loveland is written by Kerri Sewolt Ertman.
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02 Mar 2019

By Kerri Sewolt Ertman