People of Loveland - Meet Guy

“People of Loveland”

Meet Guy the Grimmbassador.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse was the first brewery in Loveland.

"The first taproom had enough room for 20 people to sit and have a beer. When we opened for our first day, and there were over 1,000 people waiting in line to try our beer! We opened up the brew house to so we could have enough room for everyone that came that day.

Our brew house has always been in the same location. A year after opening, we moved the taproom across the parking lot, and we’ve had 4 expansions adding as much room that was made available. We did all the work ourselves… everything from the addition of our offices to the barrel stave chandeliers. We even used building supplies from Uncle Benny's Building Supplies including the bar top and wane coatings in the main taproom.

Bleeding Heart is the official Valentine’s beer of Loveland. It’s always been a dark beer because it’s released in the winter. This year’s version is a blackberry tart cherry Baltic porter that each of our brewers were able to contribute to.

Grimm has always been involved in the Loveland community. We are involved Kiwanis. We used to be the location Loveland Liberty 5k. We have Oktoberfest. Our HOA has changed some rules so we can’t have outdoor events in the parking lot anymore, but we still participate in what’s going on in Loveland.

I started brewing beer in 1990 and mead in 1992. There was no craft brewing in Alabama, and it was hard to find a decent beer. My job then was in high tech which is what brought me out to Loveland in 1998 where I commuted to Boulder daily.

Back then, downtown Loveland was much different. We would go to the 4th Street Chophouse and the Java House which is where Henry’s is now. I always had a the “support small business” mindset… people that I know, people that I like! 
I like the feeling of how things used to be. 
People I knew who do things that I needed. 
People who employ the community. 
The people that are small business owners are the people I want to give my money to!

Coming out of big and high tech world, it’s a cut throat industry. 
The craft beverage industry is more “co-opetition”. 
Our mindset is if I run out a kind of hop I need to make a beer, I know I can go to another brewery and borrow materials or ingredients.

It’s like borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor."

"People of Loveland" is written by Kerri Sewolt Ertman.
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02 Mar 2019

By Kerri Sewolt Ertman